The year 2004 changed Joe Flatt's life.

That year his church youth group went to the LCMS National Youth Gathering in Orlando, Florida.  This trip was not only an extremely spiritual experience for him, but it shaped life-long friendships and created his passion for music. After the youth gathering concluded, he along with some friends decided to start a band.  "This band is why I love music so much," Flatt says. "Between practicing, playing shows, and the usual high school goofing off, the memories we made are things that I will cherish the rest of my life."

Flatt’s love for being in a band motivated him to study music in college. His college career introduced him to inspiring people he got to share life with and build upon priceless memories. In 2011, Flatt moved from the Midwest to California during his last year of school, where he interned for the National Association of Music Merchants's 2011 Winter Show.  "Between all of the great experiences and the fair share of difficult moments, I am grateful for God’s guidance along the way and helping me grow up to who I am today," Flatt says.  

Throughout his musical endeavors, Flatt learned the importance of community. "It’s awesome to be able to share life experiences with people who resonate with you," Flatt says. "You lift each other up and experience your life more fully with these people. This love that I’ve received is what I want to continue to share with others."

Flatt joined the band Los Hollywood in 2019.  Los Hollywood just released their new single, "Igual," and is set to release their new EP, "III" soon.